Contest Time

Here at HometownValues we LOVE our Community and our Advertisers. What we LOVE more is to introduce the two and be the catalyst for great new relationships! Each week we give away gift certificates & other prizes to our followers to spark the meeting between Local Community & Local Business. Come back to this page EVERY MONDAY to see WHO WON WHAT!!

 We are blessed with over 6000 Fans!! We want to hear from you! What do you like about HometownValues Magazine?

1-Dec Alison Powers Spence Thelma & Louise
2-Dec Ellen Rentz ServiceMaster
3-Dec Tami Radke Plantation
4-Dec Vivian Hicks Seafood Seller
5-Dec Jill Jacoby Family Headqtrs
6-Dec Not Claimed Beef O Brady’s
7-Dec Lacey Graham All About Nature
8-Dec Laura Biondi Jim Green Jewelers
9-Dec Teresa Long Bell MezMerEyes
10-Dec Not Claimed Hot Heads
11-Dec Darick Moody Jim Green Jewelers
12-Dec Laura Clark Love Honda
13-Dec Debbie Chandler Thelma & Louise
14-Dec Not Claimed ServiceMaster
15-Dec Deneen Ritter Plantation
16-Dec Judith Poisson Seafood Seller
17-Dec Anna Brass Kirkland Beef O Brady’s
18-Dec Don Bricker Family Headqtrs
19-Dec Susan Neitzel All About Nature
20-Dec Joanne Matos Jim Green Jewelers
21-Dec Debbie Ressler MezMerEyes
22-Dec Not Claimed Hot Heads
23-Dec Ja Vandagriff Love Honda
24-Dec Denise Stickney Taskey Beef O Brady’s
25-Dec Not Claimed Thelma & Louise
26-Dec Not Claimed ServiceMaster
27-Dec Not Claimed Plantation
28-Dec Linda Foster Knorr Seafood Seller
29-Dec Lauren Maffet Reed All About Nature
30-Dec Stephanie Worthington Struble Love Honda
31-Dec Carolyn Barton Derrico Hot Heads

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