Homosassa River Garden Club

Stage Stand Cemetery cleanup and Spring Cove Road cleanup dates will be forthcoming. We thank our volunteers . So far 22 volunteer hours are recorded.Karla Kessler showed us flowers from mother in laws tongue plant. Most of us didn’t know it blossomed! Plant it where you want height in your garden or in containers. The leaves are wonderful in flower designs.


April 5-11 Ireland trip reservations needed ASAP Barb Jedrick 586-0579. Last call!
Attention FFGC Members- 2019 93rd Annual State Convention & Flower Show.FFGC Convention will be held at World Golf Village Renaissance Resort in St. Augustine April 7-9.

 Bring any plants or starts if you have any to share with others**Reminder……pay your dues


If gardening teaches you one thing, it’s that nothing is constant. Seasons come and go. Set backs happen, as well as advancements. A big part of our club’s mission is education and we hope to provide a clearinghouse of informative subject matter. Aside from club announcements, we will cover topics from general gardening, botanical facts, projects, pests and beneficials, FL invasive plants, Best Management Practices, plant/critter identification, conservation, sustainable horticulture, living with nature, plant humor and much more

Come join us.
Check out our website for much useful information. http://homosassarivergardenclub.wordpress.com
For more information contact Suzanne Hyson,Publicity chair at sbhyson@gmail.com or 352-382-7385